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Notice of Privacy

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties,Nomad Glamping San Miguel de Allende,informs you of the privacy policy and management of personal data, in which at all times it will be sought that the treatment of the same is legitimate, controlled and informed, in order to ensure privacy, confidentiality, integrity and the right to informative self-determination of your data, for whichNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendeis committed to safeguarding your personal information with the highest levels of legal, technological and administrative security. Likewise, not to sell, rent, share or disclose your personal information to third parties for illegal purposes or contrary to those of its owner.

In accordance with the foregoing, this "Privacy Notice" applies to all information, including personal information collected byNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendeand its affiliated companies and subsidiaries, as well as third parties with whomNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendecelebrates or is going to celebrate a contractual relationship, in order to provide personalized services, always having the same levels of security required by law. For the aforementioned, and at the time of reading this "Privacy Notice", you grant your consent toNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendeto collect and use your personal data for the purposes specified below.

We use the personal information that you provide us, only to provide you with the products and/or services that you request and to inform you of our new products and/or services, keep our records updated in order to respond to your queries, maintain communication in general, as well as like, follow up on our business relationship.

In general, we do not share your personal information with third parties if they are not our affiliated or subsidiary companies, or a duly contracted third party with information confidentiality and personal data protection clauses.

I. Means of obtaining personal data.

For the purposes indicated in this privacy notice, your personal data may be collected in the following ways:

Personally: When you provide them to an employee, either by filling out forms when making your reservation for some of the products/producots thatNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendehandle, in our facilities or Internet. Likewise, when you answer questionnaires about the satisfaction and opinion of our various services, or when you subscribe to offers and contests or loyalty programs.

Through ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies). Namely, the phone, social networks and applications that use the internet. This also includes cookies and data collected by email. Being a cookie a small piece of information sent by a website and stored in the user's browser, so that the website can consult the user's previous activity.

Indirectly, when you provide personal data to our suppliers, for example travel agencies or third parties that provide us with databases, that support us during the reservation and marketing processes.

II. Description of data obtained.

The personal data obtained by the aforementioned means are:

1. Identity data: name, surname, address, home, cell and/or work telephone number, marital status, signature, email, gender, age, date of birth.

2. Financial Data: cardholder name, credit and/or debit card number, expiration date.

3. Billing Data: Name or company name, Federal Taxpayer Registry, tax address, postal code and any other data that in terms of the National Legal Order must be contained in accounting and the issuance of invoices.

4. Preference data: Related to tourist products, required services, reason and travel preferences. And what is related to how you rate the quality of the service.

III. Sensitive personal data.

These are understood in terms of the Law mentioned in the foreword of this notice as: Those personal data that affect the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk for it. Same that will not be collected.

IV. Purpose.

The purpose or purposes for which your data is obtained are one or more of the following:

  1. Keep customer records.

  2. Contact clients when necessary.

  3. Have the data to issue the corresponding invoices.

  4. To formalize reservations.

  5. Grant and validate discounts to students, teachers or people registered with the National Institute for Older Adults.

  6. To consult you about the quality and satisfaction of the service that has been provided.

  7. Incorporate them into the legal instruments that are required

  8. Use them in any type of act or proceeding of judicial and/or extrajudicial collection

  9. Contact the Holder himself to offer him products and services

  10. Prepare statistics and reports of the services provided byNomad Glamping in San Miguel de Allende in order to carry out internal control of said services, as well as to give timely monitoring of them.

  11. Comply with the contractual obligations formalized with you.

SAW. Options and means thatNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendeoffers to limit the use or disclosure of personal data.

In order to limit the use or disclosure of personal data,Nomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendesafeguards said personal data under computer programs with limited access through the use of passwords, only to people who, due to their functions, are granted powers to do so.

With regard to physical documents containing personal data,Nomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendekeeps them in locked files, to which only the personnel who are granted powers to do so have access due to their functions.

Both in the case of personal data contained in electronic media and in physical documents,Nomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendeuses the same security measures that it applies to its own information.

In addition,Nomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendesubscribes confidentiality agreements with all its staff, in which it is contemplated that the personal data to which they access in the exercise of their functions, is confidential information and therefore, in case of disclosing said confidential information, they will be credited with the payment of damages and damages, as well as the criminal sanctions that proceed.

Finally,Nomad Glamping San Miguel de Allendehas implemented internal policies and processes applicable to its personnel, through which personal data is used by a minimum number of people, limiting the use of reproduction media, and generating the obligation to destroy all those copies or reproductions of documents that contain personal data that is not strictly essential for the proper performance of the duties of theNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allende, as well as the prohibition of extracting from the offices ofNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allende,any type of information that contains personal data.

VII. Changes to the privacy notice.

In the event thatNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allenderequires modifying the content of this privacy notice when necessary by virtue of some amendment to the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, the regulation of the same law, in compliance with

the guidelines indicated in article 43, section III of the aforementioned Law or by any change to the National Legal Order. It will be updated on the internet page in the event that there are substantial changes to this statement, we will notify you through our aforementioned website.

Therefore, we suggest you periodically visit this privacy statement to be aware of any updates.

In the event that you do not agree with said modifications, you must request the cancellation of your personal data in the terms specified in this privacy notice in section VIII.

We remind you that, in terms of Protection of Personal Data, you may exercise your rights called "ARCO" (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) according to the following:

Access: You can communicate with us by writing directly toNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allende, to know if we have your personal data.

Rectification: You may request that any of your data be corrected, in case we have registered any erroneously.

Cancellation: You may request that we cancel or delete your data as long as there is a cause that justifies said action and you do not have an outstanding obligation to coverNomad Glamping San Miguel de Allende,.

Opposition: In the event that you have no relationship or legal obligation with us and decide not to hire any of our services, you can make use of this right, not sharing any data.

In case you have any questions or wish to exercise any of your “ARCO” rights mentioned above, you can contact us at

Any modification to this Privacy Notice will be notified through our website, or by e-mail:

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